The primary AIM of Nigerian Youth Initiative (NYI) ICT Club is to promote information and communications Technologies interest among children, youths and women (able and disabled) using non-conventional methods (leisure and recreation learning) in a fun environment.

NYI also seeks to empower children to know at a very early age their rights to information and the application of such acquired information to national development.

The Cardinal objective of NYI is to empower children through access to enormous capacity provided by ICT in every facet of human Endeavor.

The organization is targeted at promoting interest in information and communications technology in partnership with globally recognized ICT GURUS such as Mozilla, Microsoft Inc., Google Inc., Huwaei, IBM etc. with specific emphasis on:

  • Web Literacy Basics I and II
  • Computer Basics
  • The Internet, Cloud Services, and the World Wide Web
  • Productivity Programs
  • Computer Security and Privacy
  • Digital Lifestyles
  • Certification Test
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