The Nigerian Youth Initiatives Leadership Institute (NYILI) is a platform that seeks to fosters A Global frontier for Entrepreneurial innovation with emphasizes on youth inclusion in Agriculture, Strategic Business Management, Empowerment and Good Governance.

NYILI will actualize this goal by creating endorsement partnership with Industry Stakeholders as well as closely working with the Federal, State and Local Governments, Corporate Organizations, and SMEs to advocate Training programs with endorsed certification from its partners.

The NYILI Certificate Courses will lead to a wealth of flowing knowledge and policies that will encourage new ideas, promote internal trade and commerce, and protect the young entrepreneurs interest.

By doing this, NYILI offer education, help and assistance to young entrepreneurs, professionals and businesses that will ensure they survive the pressures in an increasingly global economy.

At NYILI, we believe in “Doing things right”

At NYILI, we hold ourselves at the highest esteem and standards of corporate training on Entrepreneurship & Empowerment, Business Managemnt and Strategic Planning, ICT Innovative Training, Procurement and Supply chain Management etc.

Our NYILI Code of Operations & Practice serves as a compass that guides the actions of our Facilitators, Trainers, Mentors, employees, directors, and business partners, ensuring consistent and uncompromising integrity as we build trusted relationships around the world.

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