The Nigerian Youth Initiatives – NYI Programs are structured to run within the framework of the Nigerian Youth Initiatives Development and Empowerment Plan, with training workshops and seminars based on informal education and training and Industrial Training exchanges with the Partner firms and Industry experts.


  1. to enable young people to acquire the knowledge, abilities and skills which may help them in their future development;
  2. to encourage young people's initiative, enterprise and creativity;
  3. to enable young people to take an active part in society and to become responsible citizens;
  4. to encourage young people to make an active contribution to the building of our dear nation, and to strengthen their sense of solidarity;
  5. to help to promote respect for human rights and to combat tribal & religious sentiment;
  6. to strengthen co-operation in the field of youth participation and inclusion.

NYI Program utilizes its Four (4) Branches to see to the actualization of its original plan and objectives however, these objectives are to be implemented in particular through the following actions:

  1. ICT Clubs
  2. Leadership Institute
  3. Young Farmers Network
  4. Volunteers Club

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